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This section provides information about private water well testing, taking water well samples, well testing report, well disinfection, and bottled water.

Disinfection of Drinking Water Well


1. Sampling Information

A. Take sample from a faucet without soft water or an aerator. If faucet has an aerator, remove before taking sample. Outside faucets are not usually soft water, and they are the best place to take water samples.

B. Flame the faucet with a lighter or wipe with a cloth and bleach.

C. Allow water to run about five minutes with a full stream of water.

D. Turn faucet to slow water to a pencil sized stream so it doesn’t spray.

E. Remove bottle cap without touching threads or inside of cap or bottle.

F. Fill bottle without running over. Carefully replace cap and tighten securely, then shut water off.

G. Complete the form attached to each bottle

H. If taking a sample for lead, take sample immediately in the morning before using water. Then follow items

“C-G” mentioned-above.

2. Sample Bottles and Testing

Bottles for well samples are available at the Health Department office, right across from the new LaGrange Parkview Hospital.

The free bottles can be picked up anytime during the regular hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Tuesday thru Friday.

Take samples from the well (follow the instructions mentioned-above) ONLY on Tuesday morning, and bring the samples to the Health Department before noon.

A certified lab will pick up the samples for testing, and the results will be mailed directly to you.

If you have any questions, please; free to contact the LaGrange County Health Department (499-4182 extension 6) or (HML) (1-800-551-5217).Hoosier Microbiology Laboratory




Food service operation permit holders in Lagrange County with private water supply will have to show proof of your water test before a new permit will be issued for the following year.


Reported Date Needed

Nitrite: Every 5 years

Nitrate: One per year

Bacteria: Every Quarter as follows:

First Quarter: Jan 1 to Mar 31

Second Quarter: Apr 1 to Jun 30

Third Quarter: Jul 1 to Sep 30

Fourth Quarter: Oct 1 to Dec 31

Bottled Water

• Visit the FDA site for information on the different types of waters.

• Read the label on your bottled water. This label can tell you about the way the bottled water is treated.

• Check the label for a 800 number or Web page address of the company that bottled the water. This may be a place to get further information.

For more information on bottled water, visit the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), which represents many of the U.S. water bottlers.