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On-Site Sewage Rule
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Residential Septic Permit Procedures

FIRST:To receive a septic permit, a soil evaluation (soil borings) will need to be completed by a soil scientist. The soil boring report is the information regarding soil characteristic where an onsite sewage disposal system is proposed. This report is only to be used to install the disposal system.

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SECOND:Once the soil report is completed, a copy must be submitted to the LaGrange County Health Department (LCHD). For a commercial system; the soil report should be sent to the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH). The LCHD and ISDH will determine the type and size of the septic system necessary, with respect to the soils information and size of the home, or type of business. Information (Technical Data Sheet) will be mailed to the person in the soil borings report, except different mailing instructions are received.

THIRD: Using the Technical Data Sheet for On-Site Sewage Treatment as a guide, the property owner, or the installer (
list of licensed installers) must draw a site plan using the sample enclosed for Gravity Flow System or ask for technical information for Mound sand, Flood-dosed, Pressure dosed and “wetland” (BETS) systems. The site plan must show the house, septic tank size, trenches area with the boring locations marked, the well location, driveway and any other existing buildings. Distances are important and also are required on all site plans. A SEPTIC SITE PLAN DRAWING IS REQUIRED TO ISSUE A SEPTIC PERMIT.

Information to be included in the site plan drawing to get a the septic permit is:

1. Set back distances for any part of the on-site system including the septic tank, a wetland cell or field trenches are:
A. From the house, building or any other structure………….…..10 feet
B. From any residential water well (yours or neighbor’s)………..50 feet (100 feet for Commercial under IDEM regulations)
C. Property lines…………………………………………………...... 5 feet
D. Lake, pond or other enclosed water body……………………..50 feet
E. River, stream, creek or ditch…………………………………....25 feet

2. The maximum length of the trenches is 100 feet, and they must be of equal length.

3. If the required system is mound sand, flood-dosed or pressure distribution system using a pump, an experienced individual must design the system. A pump technical data sheet is required.

4. For commercial septic system; the ISDH should approved the septic site plan submitted by a professional engineer.

FOUR: The Septic Permit Fee is $75.00 (Residential) and $150.00 (Commercial). Only checks and cash are acceptable.

FIVE: After the septic system is installed, a FINAL INSPECTION is required before covering any part of the system. The installer (owner or installer licensed) should call to the Health Department for an appointment.

**IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL Alf García (260) 499-4182 Ext. 7**